Behind the Scenes 2017

This is one of my favorites posts to put together every year! It’s so wonderful to look back on everything we shot together last year, which was by far our best and most fun year yet. Every single client was such a joy and all our wedding couples were a blast! We get the most fun, laid back and enjoyable people. And the fact that Michael and I get to do this together is just the cherry on top. We are so grateful for every single day.

Our goal in 2017 was to shoot more real, authentic moments. We didn’t want to direct or style wedding days. Instead, we wanted to be more aware of the quirky and real things going on all around us. We worked on awareness, creativity and thoughtful composition in our images.  We pushed past our fears and insecurities to step into a more intimate and documentary style of photography. It was the most fulfilling, rewarding experience and we are so proud of everything we created for our clients last year.

Some 2017 highlights:

-In March, we flew to Hawaii for the HI on Life photography conference in Honolulu. We spent a week with wedding photographer friends on Oahu before flying to Maui for a week on our own. We learned SO MUCH at this conference and both agree that we received something we always needed but didn’t realize – the permission to shoot weddings the way we really wanted. The way our hearts were craving. Over the years, we were  looking around too much at what everyone else was doing. Social media is so great, but it really has made authenticity a challenge for some people who totally unconsciously start following what everyone else is doing. This time away on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean was a break from it all. A time to be in nature and have great conversations about the direction we wanted to head. We left with a renewed purpose, made a whole bunch of changes to our brand, and we’ve never looked back.

-We photographed 27 weddings in 2017, the most we’ve ever photographed in one year! Each one is a fond and joyous memory we hold close to our hearts. Our couples are not just numbers to us – they are dear friends and cherished people.

-Our clients threw a lot of fun after parties last year at local bars and/or rental houses. We went to several of them and had a BLAST partying with our couples and their wedding party after a long day of shooting.

-Jenna had the privilege of photographing two brave women who wanted photos of their bodies before a double mastectomy. It was an empowering experience for everyone and we are so grateful they trusted us enough to do that for them.

-In October, we went to Ireland to photograph Claire and Jim’s epic Irish engagement session. We went to castles, pubs, charming little towns and the Cliffs of Moher. It was rainy with dramatic clouds and wind – pretty much exactly what we were thinking it would be. We climbed over the railing and stared down the edge of the 700 foot cliff. It was magical and we’ll never forget it!

-A few weeks after we came home from Ireland, we headed to the west coast to spend some time with Dawn and Savonna in the California desert. We rented a 1970’s airstream in Joshua Tree and photographed an intensely personal and special day for our sweet clients. Dawn had an unexpected and sudden breast cancer diagnosis so they had to postpone their wedding. On the day that was supposed to be their wedding, a few close friends spent the weekend with them in Joshua Tree under the warm desert sun. Dawn shaved her head and we went out into the national park to take some portraits of them. She was so brave and strong!

-This was our first year ever that we had weddings with SNOW. Lots of falling, magical snow for two weddings in December. It was unexpected and incredibly beautiful. We have the best clients ever – both of them were totally up for anything and went right out in the snow. They didn’t hesitate for a second!

-The drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chad Smith, was a guest at Jenna and Justin’s wedding. He is so unbelievably talented and ended up playing a few songs with the wedding band. Everyone gathered around to watch and it felt like being at a concert! Chad was also at the after party at the Jetty bar and played a few with the band, ended up breaking one of their drums and then just hung out with everyone. It was one of the most fun nights ever!

-In December, we called on a bunch of wedding vendor friends to throw my 30th birthday party! We rented an event space at the Atlantic Sands, hired our DJ friend Kurt Warren, served passed hors d’oeuvres, drinks and dessert to our friends and family. It was SO MUCH FUN.

-We photographed our first ever New Years Eve wedding and celebrated the very first few moments of 2018 with Terry, Matt, their friends and family. We had more champagne at that wedding than we ever normally drink (thanks guys!) and spend the New Year throwing confetti in the air. It was such a joy to celebrate with them!

-I can say, without a doubt, in 2017 we worked harder than ever. We worked on pushing past fatigue at weddings and always taking the extra step to make our work that much better, even when we were exhausted. We photographed 12-14 hour days at most weddings and kept pushing ourselves creatively all night. That is definitely what we are most proud of.

JEN15266.jpg_N1A9680.jpg_N1A2562.jpg _N1A0504.jpgsam-bill-wedding-0442.jpglaura-pat-wedding-0473.jpglaura-pat-wedding-0706-Edit.jpgterry-matt-wedding-0288.jpgJEN16879.jpgJEN18290.jpgJEN13550.jpg 4N1A2692.jpgJEN10030.jpgmichelle-net-wedding-0295.jpgJEN19770.jpg sam-bill-wedding-0391.jpg_N1A8333.jpg_D418216.jpgmichelle-net-wedding-0264.jpgJEN10721.jpgJEN10191.jpgJEN11188.jpg terry-matt-wedding-0525.jpgmegan-gil-wedding-334.jpgJEN17988.jpg JEN14225.jpgnancy-eric-wedding-0461.jpgJEN10027.jpg4N1A2705.jpgJEN10075.jpg4N1A5669.jpg0K7A9085.jpg0K7A9077.jpgJEN17994.jpg_N1A0226.jpg_N1A1084.jpg_N1A2230.jpgnancy-eric-wedding-0305.jpg_D2A9416.jpgmichelle-net-wedding-0417.jpgmichelle-net-wedding-0208.jpgJEN13035-Edit.jpgmichelle-net-wedding-0186.jpg_N1A0251.jpg_D418885.jpg_D418356.jpgJEN14375.jpgmichelle-net-wedding-0532.jpg_N1A1387.jpgJEN14117.jpgJEN12786.jpgJEN18018.jpg_D418642.jpg _N1A0258.jpg JEN10763.jpgJEN15778.jpg terry-matt-wedding-0526.jpgmichelle-net-wedding-0035.jpgJEN13328.jpg sam-bill-wedding-0420.jpg_N1A8081.jpg_N1A3094.jpgJEN15552.jpgJEN19344.jpgmegan-gil-wedding-678.jpg _D411809.jpg_D418251.jpg_N1A3151.jpgJEN19563.jpgJEN10140.jpg_D418787.jpgnancy-eric-wedding-0388.jpg _N1A0425.jpg_N1A3611.jpg_N1A0667.jpg _D418558.jpg_N1A1594.jpg0K7A9757.jpg JEN10325.jpgJEN10710.jpg_N1A0327.jpg _N1A3500.jpg_D418186.jpgmegan-gil-wedding-430.jpgnancy-eric-wedding-0354.jpgJEN10169.jpgmegan-gil-wedding-306.jpgJEN10158.jpgterry-matt-wedding-0581.jpg_D411091.jpgJEN18244.jpg JEN14162.jpgJEN18745.jpgJEN19464.jpgJEN19805.jpgJEN15924.jpgJEN10009.jpg JEN11361.jpgsam-bill-wedding-0512.jpgJEN10892.jpgJEN10059.jpgJEN11320.jpgJEN10777.jpgJEN19389.jpgJEN10942.jpg JEN19319.jpg

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