Hello, We are Michael and Jenna Beard.

We are Delaware Wedding Photographers. With over 12 years of experience, we’ve captured the love and joy of over 200 weddings. Our approach is rooted in documentary-style photography, allowing us to capture the real story of your day as it unfolds.

“How creepy is it to express how much I love you? You both are so amazing!” – Rachel & Dan

Why We Love Weddings

Each wedding is unique, woven from the threads of people’s lives coming together. Each couple brings together diverse groups of families and friends, often coming from different backgrounds, faiths, and cultures. Yet, they are united by a shared love for you and a desire to celebrate your union. It is this display of love and unity that makes us passionate about wedding photography.

“All wedding photography looked the same, until I saw your work”
– Kait & Sam

Why You Should Trust Us For Your Wedding

We bring our experience, awareness, and intuition to every wedding. We show up with an open mind and heart, with no preconceived expectations. We immerse ourselves in your day, capturing the complete spectrum of emotions that unfold- the love, nervousness, laughter, joy, relief, and heartfelt tears. Over the years, we’ve sharpened our ability to be in the right place at the right time, ensuring we capture the fleeting moments that make the day truly yours. You can trust us to document your unique story.

“You guys captured the most real, raw, emotional moments. I keep thinking, were they there? Where were they? How did they get that?
-Sapna & Michael

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