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Victoria and Nate

Bower's Beach, Delaware Wedding Photographer

Victoria and Nate are currently living in Tennessee but grew up in Delaware. They both love the beach and spending time outdoors, so they decided to get married on Bowers Beach right in front of Nate’s parent’s beach house. It was a lovely setting with the Delaware Bay’s small waves rolling slowly in the background and lots of laughter in the air. It wasn’t the ideal weather (it rained… a lot) but they went on with the show with big smiles on their faces. I will never forget watching Victoria walk down the aisle with the sky raining down on her beautiful wedding dress and pretty hair. My heart went out to her because I knew it wasn’t quite what she had envisioned in her mind… but her eyes were on Nate at the other end of the aisle and that was all that mattered to her. It was such a sweet moment. After the ceremony, we captured some fun shots on the beach before setting everyone loose to enjoy the party. Their reception was in a tent right on the beach, a few yards away from where they were married. You could hear the rain falling softly on the tent, which was really peaceful. It was fun walking around barefoot in the sand. That doesn’t happen a lot when we’re working 🙂 She had lots of beautiful details and decorations, but the star of the show was their happy faces. It was an honor to photograph such a lovely wedding! It was hard to narrow down our favorites, but here they are… (The last shot is probably one of my favorites we’ve ever taken since it was a totally candid, perfect moment!) -Jenna


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Just wanted to tell you what an amazing job you guys did! The weather conditions were difficult to deal with, but you guys persevered through it! And, the photos are gorgeous! Well done! Thank you!