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Morby Photography Workshop

The Desmond Hotel - Malvern, Pennsylvania

Michael and I spent this past weekend in Malvern, Pennsylvania for Morby Photography’s Wedding Workshop. We are focused on improving our skill and learning new things. I hope we never stop learning! Photographers should always be pushing themselves to get better and keep up with the times, even if they’ve been in the business for 20 years. This workshop was really helpful for us. We already had a bunch of ideas in our head, but hearing from 10 other photographers over 2 days really gave us the direction we wanted, in terms of branding, marketing and business growth. We plan on making several changes (good changes!) throughout the year as we focus on who we are and how we want to best serve our clients. We also spent time with 2 models in real-life wedding scenarios. We learned a few new lighting techniques and can’t wait to use them with our clients! Here are some of our favorite shots we took during the workshop.

  morby-wedding-workshop-michael-002_blog.jpg morby-wedding-workshop-michael-001_blog.jpg morby-workshop-jenna-002_blog.jpg morby-workshop-jenna-006_blog.jpg morby-wedding-workshop-michael-004_blog.jpg morby-wedding-workshop-michael-009_blog.jpg morby-wedding-workshop-michael-007_blog.jpg morby-wedding-workshop-michael-005_blog.jpg morby-wedding-workshop-michael-011_blog.jpg morby-wedding-workshop-michael-010_blog.jpg morby-wedding-workshop-michael-012_blog.jpg morby-wedding-workshop-michael-013_blog.jpg morby-wedding-workshop-michael-014_blog.jpg morby-workshop-jenna-021_blog.jpg morby-wedding-workshop-michael-016_blog.jpg

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