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Maryland Eastern Shore Engagement

A fun evening at the family oyster house

Emily and Dave said their favorite thing to do is eat crabs, go fishing and drink beer. It’s not the best time of year for crabs, but we were still able to photograph them doing a few of their favorite things. This property is gorgeous! It is actually Dave’s family’s old oyster house. They have spent generations fishing and harvesting oysters in the bay. His aunt and uncle live there now and they showed us the vintage packaging for the family’s cans of oysters. It was so cool to see! And a perfect place for their Maryland Eastern Shore engagement session.

Just like the generations before them, they love spending time together on the water, drinking a cold beer and fishing for hours. It’s relaxing and a fun time for them. This night was just like that – a cool breeze off the bay, warm sunset and the relaxing sound of water.

They kept us laughing all night with their playful banter! It was such a fun session and I love the way that comes through in the images.

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Oh my heavens, these are beautiful. Amazing job