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The Fournier Family

Dewey Beach, Delaware Family Vacation Photographer

We liked these guys pretty much instantly. We met them at their beach vacation house in Dewey Beach, Delaware. They offered us a free parking spot (yay!) and a beer (double yay!) before we headed down to the beach. The two kids were just adorable. Their interactions with each other were so sweet and genuine. Then to top off an already amazing family session, the most epic storm clouds rolled in over the ocean. The sun was still shining on the other side, so the whole situation was exactly the way we love to shoot – dramatic light with bright subjects and dark backgrounds. It was stunning!

After we were all soaked from playing in the ocean, we walked back to the car and were chatting about their little boy. They let us know he was having open heart surgery in a few weeks, and they wanted family pictures before his surgery. Ali later told us that they cherish these photos because they “show the love they have for each other and not the fear of what was to come.” We felt such a strong connection with them after spending only an hour together. They were sending us updates about his progress and we were absolutely thrilled to hear he is home and recovering well from surgery. 

It makes me teary eyed… because it reminds me that we do so much more than just take pictures. We meet amazing people like the Fourniers, build relationships, and capture moments forever that would otherwise be gone in an instant. It is such a joy. My heart is filled with gratitude that they are all doing okay today.

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