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Riverfront Wilmington Engagement Session

From their first date to engagement

When we were emailing back and forth to decide on a location, I asked “where was your first date?” and then suggested the Riverfront area. Turns out I had a lucky guess – their first date was at Iron Hill in that exact spot! So it was the perfect place for their Riverfront Wilmington engagement session. It was a chilly night…

Oceanview of Nahant Wedding

Cassi and Devon's magical day on the New England coast

They both had tears flowing all day long – especially at the end of the night when it all came to an end. They had one last dance on the pebble beach with waves crashing in the background and surrounded by loved ones waving sparklers in the air. They swayed back and forth in a slow circle, tears falling and smiles full of joy. I know they will never forget that moment. For us – it was a dream to photograph…

Rehoboth Beach Waterfront Wedding

Samantha and Andrew threw a heck of a party

We didn’t get the chance to meet Sam and Andrew in person before their wedding. But when we walked in, it was like we’d known them forever. They are the kind of people you like instantly – warm, friendly, kind. They have…

Pizzadili Winery Wedding

A fun couple playing in the grapevines

Emily told us she fell for Dave because he makes her laugh. I love how these photos show their fun and easy going relationship. Emily wrote him a long note telling him how much she loves him and how long she had dreamed of their wedding day. Dave’s note to Emily was a stick figure drawing that just said, “I love you.” Two totally different…

Nassau Valley Vineyards Lewes Wedding

Ashley, Brandon and Hurricane Florence

Ashley and I talked the week before the wedding, looking up the forecast and tracking Hurricane Florence. We were all a little worried about the storm but hopeful it wouldn’t be too bad for their Nassau Valley Vineyards Lewes wedding! No matter what happened with the weather – they were getting married and that was all that mattered. Michael and I have actually photographed…