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Behind the Scenes 2016 – Part 1

A look back at this incredible year

When I look back at the pictures from 2016, I can’t help but get a little teary eyed. What a wonderful year! We have photographed the sweetest moments all over the East Coast and Paris, France! We spent a ton of hours on the beaches here in Delaware, running on the sand and…

The Beards Wedding Client Gifts

The beard & lips mug take over Instagram

We wanted to send out gifts to all our awesome weddings clients from 2013-2016, so we searched for weeks trying to figure out a cool way to share the logo. We considered many different things, but ended up finding the perfect coffee mug that fit our logo beautifully and had a nice weight and feel. It was casual, useful, not pretentious, something you could…

Meet The Beards

Michael Beard Photography becomes The Beards

We are so excited to announce that Michael Beard Photography is now The Beards – a husband and wife photography team!

Tuesdays Together

Tuesday May 5 | Paradigm Restaurant | Lewes, DE | 2-4 pm

When Michael and I first decided to start a photography business, we waited 6 months to announce it officially to anyone. We were nervous, embarrassed, excited and a million different emotions. We wanted our initial launch to be strong and successful. I remember being SO afraid of the comments and opinions. I cared way too much what people thought, and the first time I heard…

Behind the Scenes 2014

A Look Back at This Incredible Year

This year, we’ve traveled all over the East Coast to photograph our clients. We’ve been to places we never would have experienced if it wasn’t for this business. Our clients have let us into their lives, their homes, the intimate moments of their special wedding day… it’s such an honor to get to share these precious bits of life with people. We spent a lot of time at the Delaware beaches this summer, photographing tons of…

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