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G. and Tripta

Bethany Beach, Delaware Engagement Photographer

There is just something incredibly special about photographing surprise proposals. We loved the one we captured for Cassi and Devon earlier last summer and then the jaw-dropping surprise engagement of Rachael and Topher in Paris! Then when G reached out to us about proposing to his girlfriend, we could not wait! G lives in Washington DC and Tripta is a Resident Physician in NYC. They will be in a long distance relationship until they get married, so they decided to sneak away to the beach for a few days in the middle of the week just to relax.

They walked down to the stormy seas, hand-in-hand. The ocean was wild that day. Waves were crashing dramatically in the background as G dropped down on one knee and asked Tripta to marry him. The joy was obvious! They were so happy!

As we walked around a very windy Bethany Beach, they told us a story about their first date and how they talked about where they would live after they got married, if it would be DC or NYC… on their very first date! They knew right away they would be together forever. Their love is so sweet and timeless. We could not be more excited for them!

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